Enclose Your Processing Systems With the Proper Gates

Enclose Your Processing Systems With the Proper Gates

Turn to us for gate fabrication services

Gates are an essential part of agricultural work. Without proper gates, you can't divert your product correctly and seal off containers. Innovative Ag Products is here to help.

Our company has created sturdy gates of all kinds for agricultural and industrial use throughout Montevideo, MN. We can make custom gates that fit your systems perfectly so you can handle your product as it comes through the system.

Discuss your specific gate needs with our staff today.

Learn about our three gate options

You may need specific types of gates to be efficient at your agricultural work. We sell three types of gates:

  1. R & P gates - used to stop or divert grain flow through the system.
  2. Hydraulic gates - powerful systems that can quickly open or close.
  3. Ladder gates - used to improve batching, scaling and overfilling weight hoppers.

Call us today to learn more about these gate options and get the ones that suit your needs.