These Aren't Your Typical Overhead Bins

These Aren't Your Typical Overhead Bins

Learn what makes our products so unique

Think about the overhead bins you've used in the past. What features would make maintaining, inspecting or loading those bins less of a hassle? Innovative Ag Products outfits overhead bins with innovative features, making these overhead bin loadout structures unlike the ones you'll find anywhere else on the market.

We can customize these overhead bins with...

  • Access platforms for added safety
  • A ladder or stairs for easier access
  • Custom inlets and outlets for convenience

We strive to provide value through innovation, and one way we do that is by enhancing agricultural products with custom features. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative agricultural products.

More options to suit your needs

When customizing your overhead bins, you can choose from...

  • Square or round bins
  • Single or multiple bin structures
  • A wide range of automation features

Let us know what options you prefer.