Do You Need Ingredient or Standard Hopper Tanks?

Do You Need Ingredient or Standard Hopper Tanks?

Contact Innovative Ag Products for pricing and customization options

Innovative Ag Products produces ingredient tanks that hold numerous products and loadout tanks designed for commercial or agricultural use. These tanks typically have a capacity anywhere from 500 to 6,000 bushels.

Plus, our products are...

  • Made of steel for durability
  • Modular for economical use of space
  • Equipped with preassembled support structures for easy installation

Contact us today to learn more about our ingredient or standard hopper tanks.

Need custom tanks?

We can modify these ingredient or standard hopper tanks to meet your needs. Your customization options include...

  • An access ladder
  • Bin level indicators
  • Inner or roof vents
  • Manual or electric gates
  • Access or loadout platforms

We can also customize the bottom cone angle to suit any product. Let us know what kinds of features you need so we can provide an accurate quote.